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"MY PROVEN BLUEPRINT TO START, SELL & SCALE YOUR Digital Products Business To 7 Figures IN 2024!"

Discover How To Achieve This Without Being A Tech Geek, Pretentious Guru, Or Raise Massive Capital To Get Started...

What Is The Internet Sales Machine?

Internet Sales Machine is the tried and proven approach to create and sell your Digital Products profitably - be it e-books, videos, templates, online courses, and memberships - and do it without wasting several weeks, months or even years.

You don't need to be an exceptional genius, tech person, or even do huge fundraising - when you can get started with a laptop and this blueprint.

The Internet Sales Machine way removes the tiresome, useless and ineffective steps and cuts the chase to the gravy. Discover how to not only make money online but also achieve more sales and profit by leveraging on widely available and low-cost tools that don't require a lot of talent or special skill.

This is the same set of strategies as used by top Internet entrepreneurs from around the world, has worked for decades, and will continue to for a long time to come.


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Why Internet Sales Machine Is DIFFERENT...

For most people, they take too long or nearly forever to get some meaningful traction in their Online Business - I call this the Slow Lane.

Why? Because they waste valuable time, energy and resources on things that mostly don't matter, sometimes not yet and usually at all.

Whereas users of the Internet Sale Machine are accelerating on the Fast Track - by focusing on the few key components that move the needle. And if your business means everything to you then you know you want to be here.

What This Means To You When...

You Can Keep Growing Your Online Business Regardless Of Economy

You Can Easily Tweak And Scale A Business That Has Less Moving Parts

You Are The Logical Choice ForYour Customers Even If You're Not Famous

You Can Quit A Job You Hate Or Even Revive A Dying Business

Have A True Lifestyle Business That Runs With Or Without You

Focus On Delivering Value And Impact To Your Customers

Through the Internet Sales Machine approach, I've been able to achieve all these and the cool thing is: this battle-tested business model to sell tens to thousands of copies of Digital Products works - even if you don't believe in it.

Some Success Stories...

Yu Shaun & Cally Went From Zero To 6 Figures Every Year Selling Personal Development Info Products!

Trevor Machaffie Generated $50K, 2,500 New Buyers And Got JVZoo Pick Of The Day In 1 Week!

Koz Mo Generated $20K In 1 Week And Got JVZoo Pick Of The Day 2X!

Kate Tan Switched From Physical Commerce To Digital Products Business And Made Her First $700!

More testimonials can be seen here.

DISCLAIMER: No one is compensated in any way for what they write or share. We do our best to verify results quoted by individuals featured. Understand that these results are not typical, and our Clients have worked their way to success.


Internet Sales Machine PDF Book
BONUS 1: Digital Product Template (PDF Download)
BONUS 2: FB Group Access (Community)
BONUS 3: How To Save €20K Stripe Fees (Secret Resource)
BONUS 4: Digital Business Workshop (Webinar Pass)

NOTE: Bonuses are subject to availability and may be removed or changed at any time, without notice.


1 Thing That Makes People Buy From You Even Though There's Ton Of Free Content Out There (It's Not About Selling More Info)
How To Generate UNLIMITED Digital Products Ideas Within Seconds, That People Need & Want To Buy
3 Types Of Offers - And How To Price Them Anywhere From $10 To A Whopping $25,000!
My Offer Naming Template You Can Swipe Right Away
My 16 Step Copywriting Formula To Make Your Products Sell Like Hot Cakes Even To Cold Audience That Hasn't Heard Of You (This Applies To Both Written And Sales Video)
How To Create Your First, Second And Third One-Time Offers - And Position Them For High Conversions
An Elusively Easy Way To Bump Up An Extra 10% Sales Without Even Trying!
Plus Get Full, Insider Sneak Peek At My One-Time Offer Sales Pages That Convert (For Exclusive Reference)
Why Writing Is A Waste Of Time & Energy... And How To Quickly And Easily Produce Attractive Digital Offers In Hours Or Days Instead Of Weeks, Months (Or Never At All)
9 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Digital Offer With WOW Factor (Method No. 1 Is Instant)
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My Secret To No-Money-Down Traffic Simply By 'Borrowing': This Has Nothing To Do With Lame Methods You May Have Already Heard Of Like Blogging, Posting On Social Media, etc.
My Long-Term Customer Acquisition Strategy With Social Media Ads Starting From A Small Daily Ad Spend
Plus Get Full Preview To My Winning Ads You Can Model After!
How To Continuously Monetize Your Buyer And Prospect Leads Daily... Just Sending Emails!
Also, Get My Hooks & Angles So You Will Never Run Out Of Ideas
How You Can Start Knocking Out Winning Digital Offers That Generate Consistent Income & Deliver MASSIVE Value
And More Covered In This 166-Page, 20 Chapters Book


Only $19.70 Today

(Save 90% today)

Delivered instantly. Start reading in the next few minutes from now.

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"How I Went From Office Boy Earning $200 A Month To Banking My First 6 Figures In 18 Months Using A Little-Known Internet Sales Machine..."

From the keyboard of Edmund Loh

Dear Friend,

For every claim, there must be evidence. And I'm going to show it to you.

This is a recent screenshot from one of my JVZoo accounts (as of the time of this writing):

In fact, I have a public profile on the platform and as you can see, I'm both a premium vendor and affiliate - and this is just one account. Clearly, I've been doing this for quite some time.

(I think it's also important to mention these sales are 100% digital products - NOT from doing seminars, agency work, and NONE from the sale of this book...)

I'm not trying to show off; I just know how important proof is to you.

Very Important Disclaimer

Before I get carried away...

First, understand that the results I share on this page are not typical (and rightfully so)

See, for most people, they make $0. Why? Because they do little or nothing at all, follow the wrong plan, and often times have mismanaged expectations.

That said, achieving spectacular results is humanly doable, and the first step is to keep an open mind.

At the end of the day, I am a business owner just like you. I'm neither a legal advisor nor am I a career speaker. I'm simply here to share what works for me (and what didn't)

Now your circumstances may differ, so exercise your own judgment. Cool?

Okay, read on...

It Wasn't Always That Way...

Yup, that's me in 2004...

This might come as a surprise, but for a "successful Internet marketer with 'guru'-like credentials" (at least that's what some people call me)... I actually come from a checkered background.

I dropped out of school not once, but TWICE. My first - and last - full-time job was that of an office boy, taking home 800 Malaysian Ringgits per month, which works up to around 200 US Dollars.

If you thought that was already meagre, I had to support my mother who couldn't find employment, and my younger sister who was still schooling then.

I read "Rich Dad Poor Dad", got pumped up to start a business because that's what all rich and successful people do... only to fail in all my part-time endeavors.

So, yeah, how's that for "gUrU cReDeNtIaLs"??

While far from a glamorous background, I insist on sharing this chapter in my life with you, because that's what led me to making the next grand discovery: making money on the Internet.

Now Remember, This Was The Year 2004.

The idea of going online and doing business with anyone in the world - while selling a bunch of 'electrons' - was very new it had yet to capture public imagination.

Even back then, I was drawn to this idea and after saving what I could from my office boy job, I quit to start my pursuit for online wealth the following year.

I applied for a snail-paced 56k modem (because there was no broadband service in my area), set up my first website, and waited for people to come.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months... and not one person in the whole wide world clicked on the buy button.

3 months of staring in front of the computer with near-empty savings, piling bills and red notices, and absolutely nothing to show for.

My mother pressured me to give up this seemingly foolish enterprise and go back into employment.

Except that I was stubborn. Real stubborn.

Because going back to get a job meant admitting defeat and this whole thing was just not real.

My mom meant well. She too blamed herself for seeing me like this, because I should be in college at this age, not worrying about finding money for the family.

This Was One Of The Toughest Moments In My Life.

While I've sought help from an employment agency, I figured that since the phone line wasn't cut yet I might as well keep trying. I mean, at this point: what else have I got to lose? How much lower can I sink, right?

Then one late night, I saw this enter my Inbox:

Hold up... Did I just made my first online sale? Is this real?

Whether it was luck or I did something earlier to earn this sale, I could only thank providence. But will I get another, and how?

Then a few days later, another $97 sale came in.

And then again. And again.

I managed to withdraw my first few hundred dollars the following week to pay off some outstanding debts, if only to keep the bill collectors at bay.

By now, I was fully determined to see this through, and do whatever it takes to succeed.

I didn't answer any job opening to pursue my Internet Business firing on all cylinders.

And I never looked back ever since.

Fast Forward 18 Months Later...

I crossed my first $100,000 sales milestone.

And in the 4th year of my running this business, I crossed the $1,000,000 sales mark.

Granted, this is revenue and not profit, but for someone in his early 20s who not long ago was hurling drums at a chemical company, this is an achievement.

And I did all these working from home, long before it became mainstream.

In 2018, JVZoo sent me 2 pairs of T-Shirts acknowledging the milestones of my accounts.

Maybe some people will discount this as another "rags to riches" story, but as someone who once came from a typical 9-to-6 job, I'd choose the typical "rags to riches" any day.

Now you're probably thinking,

"That Was Last Time. What About Today?"

And you're right to ask that question. The Internet, and people by extension, change every now and then. In fact, in the last few years, I've observed 2 major shifts in the market:

1. Ad Cost Has Been Going UP

I'm talking online advertising here. While it's neither sharp nor drastic, it's definitely a silent inflation. If you were on Google™ AdWords in the early to mid 2000's you can get clicks for literally cents. When lots of advertisers jumped onto the bandwagon, supply struggled to meet demand, and clicks became dollars.

Next, enter Facebook™. When FB opened up for advertising, it was dirt cheap too. Again, it attracted millions of advertisers and some years later, ran into the same challenge as Google™ had just a decade ago. Again, cost per click can be dollars now instead of cents.

Expect to see this trend repeat with TikTok™ or whatever the next new 'kid on the block' is. That said, online advertising is still fairly affordable, but I'm more concerned about the second shift...

2. Traditionally, Digital Product Prices Have Been Going DOWN

Especially e-books.

Back in the hay day when I started, an e-book can be sold at prices like $97, even $197. That's pretty good money and the early Info Product sellers made a killing just like that.

Then price wars became a thing. E-Book authors and sellers fight on price, and that started the race to the bottom. Nowadays, it takes a lot of effort to sell an e-book at prices above $50.

And when you pair up with paid ads that progressively cost more to reach, this can only end one way: a LOSS.

For instance:

For every $100 you spend on ads, you'd make $20 on your e-book sale, which leaves you at -$80.

So the million dollar question is:

"How The Heck Can I Get Profitable?"

The short answer is: I simply introduce more Offers.

I do that after my Customers buys my initial Product, such as an e-book.

Most of the time, I deliberately price it low (anywhere below $50) because it's easier to win trust. For my new Customer, it's very little risk and yet I'm able to secure some kind of commitment from them. Cool.

After my Customer makes the first purchase, I introduce a series of One-Time Offers.

Is my Customer obliged to buy all of them? Of course not. They're entirely optional, and I don't employ guilt-trip tactics (don't we all hate that, anyways?)

But here's the cool part:

This is the stage where Customers are often in what I call a "buying trance" - where both their minds and wallets are open.

It's kind of like: every time you go shopping, you're almost always buying more than the things you originally intended to buy. Same concept.

And because it generate sales around the clock, I aptly call it the "Internet Sales Machine".

Does it work?

Well, check this out:

I blur out the names for privacy reasons (but you're smart, you can make out it's the same person)

I'm selling an Audiobook at $42.60, and if it were most beginners, the transaction stops here.

But because I have a stack of other Offers, my Customer bought the rest and I made $833.60 in minutes!

Or else I would need to find 20 new Customers to achieve the same sales.

I'm just giving you a macro example of how this works. Can you see what this means for you when you can grow your business much, much faster just by adding a few simple pages?

The Internet Sales Machine Works Splendidly For:

Course Creators That Want To Market Their Programs Successfully
Internet Marketers That Want To Grow Their Business Further
Affiliates That Want To Have Their Own Information Products And Branding
Existing Experts And Professionals That Want To Stop Trading Time For Money
Agencies That Want To Productize Their Knowledge So They Can Better Qualify Clients For Their Premier Services
Speakers & Trainers That Want To Spread Their Message Beyond The Stage And Impact Even More People
Coaches & Consultants That Want To Turn Their Knowledge Into A Product That Keeps Selling
Upcoming Online Business Owners Looking For A Faster, Tried & Tested Roadmap

Most Importantly, Will This Work For You?

Before I tell you what's in my Internet Sales Machine book, I feel it's important to address some of the most common reservations people have, like:

"What If I'm Not A Subject Expert?"

With some very rare exceptions, most of the time you don't need to be an accredited or certified expert to be in this business.

Most people buying stuff just want a specific problem solved, and are willing to pay for it.

I show where and how I get my unlimited product ideas, and how you can enter sub-markets to monetize even if no one's heard of you.

"What If English Is Not My First Language?"

This might come as a surprise, but many of my students don't speak the Queen's. Which is to be expected in this part of the world, where most people are bi or trilingual.

Even so, did you know you can adapt the same strategies taught in Internet Sales Machine to other languages? My Clients are also operating in Chinese, Malay, Arab, French, and more.

"What If I'm Not A Great Writer, Or I Just Hate It?"

I can relate to that. Even if you have a flair for writing, it's becoming an opportunity cost nowadays.

That's why I advocate using A.I. and some ingenuity (again, covered in my Internet Sales Machine book) to produce your Offers in a day or days, instead of several weeks, months or never.

"What If I Work Alone, Can I Still Do This?"

That's cool. We're surrounded by wonderful, accessible tech today that it's now possible for even 1 person to achieve the income and results of a company.

All you need is a laptop, Internet connection and of course, my book.

And if you have a partner or team? That's a nice bonus, as you can share and implement this strategy with them to greater effect.

I've given you plenty of reasons why this works, now you have no excuse.

Why Am I Doing This & What Can I Do For You?

When I started, I was in business mainly for myself. I wasn't teaching people "how to make money online", at least not professionally for the first several years. So for a time, I casually shared what I do, for fun.

Then in recent years, it got more... serious.

Hardly a day goes by without getting emails and DMs from frustrated entrepreneurs seeking help and advice on why their business is stuck, and how to get un-stuck.

That got me thinking, surely I can do something to help.

Common sense dictates that my business does well if my Customers do well (and by golly, I want what's best for my Customers)

For the record, Clients pay me fees like $10,000 to personally mentor and work with them.

And when I was running physical training events and workshops before Covid, I charged anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per pax.

As of the time of this writing, I don't have any plans to do such a thing (at least not regularly)

That gave me an idea...

You see, in my spare time, I wrote part and parcel of what will become the Internet Sales Machine modules. It started as a collection of personal learning notes and some ideas I doodled when I was bored at the airport. So yes, this has been a long time coming.

Finally, I completed this book so you can download now and implement today.

For how much?

Instead of a $10,000 coaching fee...

Or a $2,000 live event training...

Or even a reasonable $197 price tag...

I've decided to throw in a decimal point to make it

Today Only $19.70


That's right.

For just under twenty bucks, you get access to the same blueprint and framework I've been using - and still use - to create and sell Digital Products like gangbusters.

To be fair, this doesn't come with the privileges of 1-to-1 coaching.

Nor does it come with a hotel venue and group training experience.

But you know what else I can give you?

Limited Time Special - Download Internet Sales Machine For Only $19.70

The Only System You'll Ever Need To Start, Sell & Scale Your Digital Products

That's Not All... When You Act Today, You Also Get To Snap Up All These Fast Action Bonuses At No Extra Cost:

BONUS #1: Digital Product Template

The same template I use for my E-Books and other digital content, so you can fill in your own.

Price: $97 Included FREE

BONUS #2: FB Group Access

My closed door community on lead generation and funnel building.

Price: $97 Included FREE

BONUS #3: How To Save €20,000 In Stripe Transaction Fees

If you are a Stripe user, discover my secret resource to save 20,000 euros in Stripe fees in 1 year!

€20,000 Value Included FREE

BONUS #4: Digital Business Workshop

How we sell 1,000s of e-books, videos and online courses every month without being a subject expert, tech geek, writer, or raise massive capital!

Ticket Fee: $297 Included FREE

BONUS #1: 16 Point Sales Template

Step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks script as used in my high converting sales videos and sales letters.

Price: $297 Included FREE


BONUS #1: 16 Point Sales Template

Step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks script as used in my high converting sales videos and sales letters.

Price: $297 Included FREE

And if you're still thinking about it, tell you what...

I'll Even Stake My Reputation On This Offer With My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Or It's Your Money Back!

I'm not asking you to decide yes or no today. I'm asking you to make a fully informed decision, that's all. And the only way you can do that is on the inside, not the outside.

So get your access to Internet Sales Machine today, and see if everything I say on this page is true and valuable to you. If it is, that's when you decide to keep it.

And if it isn't? No hard feelings. Let us know through our support helpdesk and we'll buy back your access. You can keep the Bonuses as a token for trying.

Remember, you have a generous 60 days from now to check this out. I've been doing this since 2005, so I have full conviction that when you get my book and everything else I mentioned here, you get exactly what you need to start, sell and scale your Digital Products business fast.

To begin, click on the order button in the form below, make your payment through our secure server and you will get instant access to Internet Sales Machine course, together with all the Bonuses mentioned on this page.



Internet Sales Machine PDF Book
BONUS 1: Digital Product Template (PDF Download)
BONUS 2: FB Group Access (Community)
BONUS 3: How To Save €20K Stripe Fees (Secret)
BONUS 4: Digital Business Workshop (Webinar Pass)

NOTE: These Bonuses are subject to availability and may be removed or changed at any time, without notice.


Backed By My 60 Day Ironclad Guarantee

100% Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout

P.S. It's been a long page, so to summarize...

If you want to have your own profitable Online Business in the fastest time and with least effort humanly possible, then you need to get my Internet Sales Machine book.

This is a PDF book, which means you can download right away after purchase and check it out.

In Internet Sales Machine, you will discover the same blueprint, process and framework I use to create and sell Digital Products to the tune of 7 figures. I've done this for over hundreds of Digital assets - from e-books like this one to audiobooks, videos, templates, online courses, and memberships.

This will work for you even if you are not a writer, techie, subject expert, or you're doing it alone. You don't need to blow away a 6 figure capital to get started; you need only a laptop, Internet connection, and be committed to follow this blueprint to a tee.

It's the culmination of my years of experience since 2005, which means it's not only survived but also thrived through several ups and downs in the market, so it's as battle-tested as it can get.

When you get Internet Sales Machine, you also get all Bonuses mentioned on this page at no extra cost.

I'm also giving you an ample 60 days to put everything I share in my book to the test, so you have nothing to lose and just give it a go.

This is the same training I've given my personal Clients at fees $10,000 or higher, but here you can get the Internet Sales Machine blueprint and framework for just $19.70.

I'm deliberately pricing it super affordable, so you can easily get your hands on this and be the next Digital Product rockstar.

But you must ACT NOW.


P.P.S. "Edmund, Does This Stuff Really Work?"

So far, there were 2 major moments in my business that I struggled most:

The first was when I got started in 2005 (you already know this story)

The next huge challenge was in 2020 when the Covid lockdown went into effect worldwide, which killed both my seminar and B2B agency business.

I lost a lot of money and despite my utmost best efforts, for every 1 step forward I was 3 steps back, and in the end I had to let go several of my employees.

At my lowest point yet again, guess what saved me? Yup, you're looking at it.

I went back to the business model that made me my first million dollars, and the very same that got me out of this rut within months.

So, heck yeah this stuff works alright - and I am literal proof.

Click the order button below, and I'll see you inside!


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