Dear Marketer,

If you are sick and tired of all the hype - everything from the latest "commission" whatever to "secret" something products – you are not alone.

Enough with fads and short term trends. If you want to create everlasting wealth online, there is only one way to do it and that is to create REAL VALUE products. Period.

But just how does someone go about it?

Yes, product creation is a nightmare for most… and that's the #1 reason which stop people in their tracks.

But does it have to be this way?

The answer is… a resounding NO!

Product creation does not mean that you need to be an expert in your field.

Heck, it doesn't even mean that you'll need to break the bank to find someone who is and pay them to create content for you.

There are plenty of ways to generate excellent content.

I should know, as I've published many digital products and conducted seminar workshops throughout the years.

These techniques I'm about to share is the reason that...


Whoops. Let's backtrack for a minute.


Google me. You'll see that I've created tons of products online and believe me, creating content isn't difficult at all. I'm going to show you just how easy it is to create your very own EXCELLENT product, something you'd be proud to call your own.

But heres the thing.

I'm going to let you in on a secret. Because this is huge.

*Drum roll please*

Almost never will.

When you do the mathematics, you will quickly realize that peddling merely just a single product is going to build your wealth at a snail's pace.

Even if you do sell hundreds or thousands of copies of it, there is simply no leverage in that.

Then some smarter marketers have learned to boost their sales count by a margin with the use of One-Time Offers. You know, throw in an Upsell to your buyers after they make their initial purchase. If every 1 in 2 of your buyers snap up your offer, you can boost your sales by 50%.

And if they don't buy your One-Time Offer?

You can always downsell them with a cheaper product, and save some sales you would have otherwise lost.

The idea of boosting your sales count by 50% sounds good but…

The Internet Marketing landscape has changed tremendously in the past 30 months.

When you realize with a jolt that you are up against competitors who outsell you and outgun you at every turn, and buyers are spoilt with choices, this is no time to be subtle.

And if you are selling products that are in the low and middle ticket range under $100 (where most marketers are) a single Upsell can only generate you so much income.

So after going back to the drawing board, giving my upcoming product launches and online business a complete overhaul in design, I've come up with a new business model that:

Skyrockets my Customer Lifetime Value (Once a customer, Always a customer!)

Puts in 4.6 times More Income from sales of my digital products and services

Maximizes my Upsell conversion rates to 77% instead of the usual 50%

And all these achieved with no extra buyers or extra traffic!


With 7 Perfect Reasons:

Make your first (or next) million faster. When you can generate $668 to $3188 PER customer, it is definitely going to be faster to reach your million than if you command a timid price of 7 bucks. (Even if you set the bar lower, you are still going to get there only FASTER)

Premium perceived value. When your customer sees you have an impressive line of offers he already knows you mean business, and buyers take you more seriously than the guy one website ago selling just one puny product.

Yes, there are people who will buy everything in your sales funnel! Speaking from experience, it is not uncommon for buyers to snap up EVERYTHING in my sales funnel. While not every buyer will behave that way, you have a better chance of selling 1 or 2 Upsells vs. just a single One-Time Offer.

Why put your high ticket offer in the backend… when you can bring it to the front lines NOW? There's no need to wait to whip out your $2000 program several days later when you can bank in on the customer's buying trance like RIGHT NOW!

It is easier to sell more stuff to the same buyer vs. finding a new buyer and doing all the persuading all over.

Big companies do it all the time. GoDaddy does it. Domino's Pizza Online does it…

And so do 7 figure and 8 figure marketers from around the world! Will YOU be next?


Let me show you just some of my many groundbreaking results from implementing everything I teach in my training program.

(This is REAL, irrefutable proof that this thing makes money like clockwork, hands down!)

So you're probably wondering….


NOT A Push Button Software

NOT About Exploiting "Loopholes"

NOT About Conventional Blogging and Affiliates


NOT About Using Google

NOT About Using Social Media Like Facebook or Twitter


I bet that piqued your curiosity, didn't it? And here's the thing.

The secret is *A LOT* easier than you think…


Ever noticed that every time you go to McDonald's and place an order, the cashier guy will ask you:

"Do you want fries with that?"

And its not just the restaurant business that offer 'Upsells'… Even online businesses like GoDaddy and Amazon do it too!

And all the established Internet Marketing Gurus you know of ? Yep, you can bet your bottom dollar they do it too!


Selling just one product is almost NEVER going to make you rich.

When you do the math, peddling merely one single product is going to build your wealth at a snail's pace.

And even if you sell 100's or 1000's of copies, there's simply NO leverage in that!


Looking back, I shudder to think that WAS ME just some years ago… And over the years, I've refined my sales process and came up with a sales funnel design that I use and have tweaked to what it is today……


Several product launches and a few major sales funnel tweaks later, I have conceived and designed the Internet Sales Machine™ training program to thoroughly explain the latest version of my million dollar blueprint.

Here's What You Will Learn…

Module #1: Internet Sales Machine™ Overview

  • The same secret all Internet millionaires use to pull in an avalanche of profits with the same amount of buyers, same amount of traffic with the same amount of effort!
  • The core of a rock solid, online money-making machine in 3 easy steps (T ______ + L ___ + S ____ )
  • BIG Money vs. Good Money: how to be that guy raking in $200,000 instead of $20,000
  • The Internet Sales Machine blueprint - the same blueprint that enabled me to pull in 5 times more profits and propel my Customer Lifetime Value by at least 1400% and above! This is now yours to duplicate.

Module #2: Irresistible Offer Creation Secrets

  • How to spawn multiple, low Front-End Offers that sell into the hundreds or even thousands of copies EACH!
  • Secret to generating UNLIMITED product ideas within minutes of easy research (fancy paid tools required!)

  • 4 ways to make your Front-End offer sell like gangbusters!

  • Easy product creation in a flash! Even if you have no prior experience, I show how you can become an expert authority figure without shelling a fortune on 'going back to school' let alone waste months of valuable time.

  • Fast Ticket To High Ticket: how to spawn higher end offers and command $297 – $497 fees from clients! (If you have only low ticket products now, get ready because this is going to dramatically boost your income on steroids!)

  • How to get 60-40 and 70-30 partnership deals… YOUR WAY! Enough of 50-50 deals… After going through my training program you are going to find out your knowledge is worth more to your partner than his to you!

  • How to create value enhancing Bonuses almost instantly!

  • The ideal pricing strategy + 32 sweet pricing points tried and tested for you!

Module #3: Mastery Of Words

  • My crash course, fast and easy 8-step process to spitting out your first sales letter in record time! I have trained my Interns with only this section in my training program and are now cranking out quality copy.

  • Already have your own product and sales letter? Discover how to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your sales with the same amount of traffic… overnight!

  • Psychological triggers that actually PERSUADE your readers to transit from potential customer to satisfied buyer!

  • 16 formulas to explode your sales copy conversion rates!

  • For the record, this Module is a standalone web copywriting course I have created of the same name. I have been writing sales copies for more than 6 years… Now you can get all my knowledge distilled into just less than an hour's learning!

Module #4: Instant Profit Multiplier Formula

  • The ultimate formula to skyrocket your Customer Lifetime Value by at least 1,400%

  • How to create your ultimate Sales Funnel and walk your Front-End buyer through each of them, regardless of their purchases!

  • Tactics to increase your conversion rates at each Upsell 11% to 50%!

  • How to create instant 'Downsells' and save +10% more sales from the same buyers and without extra effort!

Module #5: Recurring Sales

  • How to earn residual income month after month... for work done only once!

  • Discover the F____ T___ Membership Model that allows you to create the content only once... and you will never have to review again! This is based off my successful memberships of the same model that I created in 2 weeks but paid in recurring income for the next 24 months!

  • How to get in loyal, paying members by the hundreds!

  • And above all, how you can slot this perfectly into your sales funnel for maximum conversions!

Module #6: High Ticket Domination

  • Discover the true leverage of Internet Millionaires as you bank in $197 sales... wait, not exciting enough? How about $497? How about $997? Or even $4997? I'll show it all!

  • 3 High Ticket Business Models you can start off the bat!

  • And how you can implement this into your sales funnel for premium conversions!

Module #7: Mastering The Technical Aspect Of Internet Sales Machine

  • You will learn the technical aspects of setting up your Internet Sales Machine and the 3 Level Upsells in step-by-step!

Module #8: Freebies: Bribe & Build Your List At Warp Speed!

  • Not everyone buys from your website on first contact. So what will you do with the rest of the 96% traffic that will otherwise go to waste? Here's how to build a list of loyal buyers at warp speed!

  • Sneaky method to capture your prospect details and skyrocket conversions by +30%... passively!

Module #9: Email Marketing Magic

  • How to monetize from every email you send out (and why 'giving away content' is pure B.S. and the bane of email marketing, contrary to what the average marketer preaches to you!)

  •  What big Internet companies like Amazon and Groupon do to make massive profits from their email marketing campaigns (they just blast out p _ _ _ _ e _ _ _ _ _ one after another!)

  • The best time of the day to send out your email! (Did you know that there are also times you're better off postponing your email campaigns, or you'd risk losing 35% of the responses if you had mailed out at a different time?)

  • The best (and the worst) days of the week to send out your email! (This is TRULY SHOCKING... there are days that produce less than half the average responses from other days!)
  • Open rate boosters and killers - how simple words can pull an extra +17% and even +12% increase... and avoid wrong words that can drag down your open rates by more than half!
  • Click Through Rate boosters - like one nifty way increases your CTR by +19%! On the other hand, CTR killers include one popular but overlooked method that actually filters your email into other people's spam folders easily!

Module #10: "The Big Payday"

  • Deck your wallet for huge paydays with the most favorite method of all Internet millionaires!

  • My best and most favorite method of drawing instant traffic for instant results!

  • Where and how to get other Affiliates to push your new product for you - all decked with Upsells and a ready platform for everyone to bank in on!

  • How to get targeted traffic right away even if you have no list and no contacts right now (and if for any reason, finding Joint Ventures is out of your option right now)
  • How to make leads with leads... using a free traffic method that is evergreen and perpetual!

My Inner Circle Coaching students have paid anywhere from $497 to $997 to learn this. Myself? I paid $500 – $4000… just to learn different aspects of the business!

And don't get me started on the guesswork and riddles I have to still piece out on my own from there.

And it wasn't a couple more years before I refined and improved the system to what it is today.

Right now you can get the entire Internet Sales Machine™ training system for a one-time payment of only $297 $77.

That's no misprint. No typo.

To be fair, this training system course doesn't come with personal coaching, or one-to-one 'lifetime' support, or seminar networking opportunities, or any other perks that my Inner Circle Coaching students get.

I want to reach many people with this. There's no 'scarcity factor' gimmick. And I know you will love this; wait until you see what else I have in store for you.


By right, I don't need to offer any extra bonuses since Internet Sales Machine™ in itself is a powerful all-in-one solution. But tell you what, here are more wealth-building bonuses to up the ante but only IF you act now:

The ClickBank Gamers™ Case Study

My 20 minute video case study on the critically acclaimed ClickBank Gamers™ that generated over $250,000 in sales revenue and climbed to #7 in the ClickBank marketplace during launch week!

Swipe Upsell + Downsell Salespages!

In addition to the first Fast Action Bonus, you also get the 3 Upsell + 3 Downsell sales pages I have personally written for ClickBank Gamers™ that you can swipe or use as a reference for your own Upsells!

Now this is a $1997 real world value!

The Missing Chapters

  • BONUS CHAPTER #1: $21,226.90 (could have been just $11,993) Originally posted on the Warrior Forum, this is a detailed account on how I pulled off this phenomenal results which took only less than two weeks of preparation, and launched for 4 days!

  • BONUS CHAPTER #2: How I Increased My Sales Revenue By Nearly 800% In 3 Years! A long term case study on a series of mini product launches I had tweaked and improved with every succession. Everything based on the prototype up until the Internet Sales Machine™ you know today.
This is a $67 real world value.

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #1: get the same Internet Sales Machine™ blueprint used to create million dolar online businessess!

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #2: Irresistible Offer Creation Secrets

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #3: Mastery Of Words

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #4: Instant Profit Multiplier Formula

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #5: Recurring Sales

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #6: High Ticket Domination

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #7: Mastering The Technical Aspect Of Internet Sales Machine

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #8: Freebies: Build Your List At Warp Speed!

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #9: Email Marketing Magic

Internet Sales Machine ™ Module #10: "The Big Payday"

Fast Action Bonus 1- The Clickbank Gamers Case Study

Fast Action Bonus 2 - Swipe Sales Letter Upsells + Downsells

Fast Action Bonus 3 - The Missing Chapters

$297 $77 Special Intro Discount Today At

Internet Sales Machine 2.0


Edmund Loh


P.S. This is hands down the easiest and smartest way ANYONE can go from absolutely nothing to banking in hard, cold cash like a boss. Once you see this, you will know why I am always excited about it and I know you will be too. Just as my Inner Circle students are. Just as my business associates are.

That is why I am going as far as to stake my reputation on this with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or it's your money back. I'll be shouldering the entire risk of your investment for the next 60 days so you're free to give this a run under no obligations.

P.P.S. Here are even more testimonials:


Internet Sales Machine 2.0






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